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Poria Cocos Extract 4:1~20:1,10% Polysacchorides (UV-VIS)
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Detailed Product Description

Poria Cocos Extract 4:1~20:1,10% Polysacchorides (UV-VIS)
Indications: Edema with oliguria; dizziness and palpitation caused by retained fluid; diminish
Latin name: Poria Cocos(Schw)Wolf
Product Specification: 4:1,10:1,20:1 ,10%(UV-VIS)
Active Ingredient: Polysaccharides
Safety evaluation: innocuous
Storage: stored at dry and cool place and avoids light. The guarantee period is two years.
Indian Bread is the dried sclerotium of the fungus, Poria cocos (Schw.) Wolf (Fam. Polyporaceae). The drug is collected mostly in July to September, removed from soil, piled up, spread, and air-dried on the surface. Repeat this operation for several times until wrinkles appears and the inside water evaporated, then dired in the shade. It is known as "Fulingge". Or the fresh sclerotium is cut and dried in the air. According to the cut portions, and known as "Fulingpi" and " Fulingkuai", respectively.
Action: To cause diuresis, to invigorate the spleen function and to calm the mind.ed function of the spleen marked by anorexia, loose stools or diarrhea; restlessness and insomnia

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